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Fresh Vine Wines are a unique collection of bold, crisp, and creamy wines that embody deeper connection with active lifestyles.

Produced and bottled in Napa, California, the Fresh Vine Wine collection features a California Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, California Rosé Wine, and a Limited Reserve Napa Cabernet.
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What it means to us

Whether you work out five times a week or you’ve recently discovered a newfound love for fitness, living an active lifestyle is important to keep your mind and body in shape. We think that the trick to staying active is finding something you enjoy. We created Fresh Vine Wine with the intention of finding a balance between your active routine and enjoying those other moments with your friends with a glass of delicious wine that you can count on complementing the work that you put in without the sacrifice.



Now, more than ever, people are educating themselves about the food that they put in their body and the effects that it has on their well-being. As we continue to learn about how our eating preferences can change the way that we feel, we adopt better meal plans to keep us in equilibrium. Fresh Vine Wine does not contain animal byproducts, and is gluten-free, providing that perfect wine pairing to whatever your preference may be. For more information about our winemaking process, click here.


Thoughtfully Crafted Wines

With careful oversight from our expert winemaking team, we pay close attention to every gram of sugar, calorie, and carb that goes into each varietal during our proprietary farming and fermentation process. The grapes are hand selected from California's best wine regions in Northern California and along the Central Coast. Fresh Vine Wine practices traditional winemaking processes from vineyard to cellar, with minimal manipulation of the wines during fermentation. The wines are lab tested in-house and by a third-party Lab company with over 25 years of experience to ensure the best quality.

“Fresh Vine Wine is a perfect pairing for my training clients & lifestyle enthusiasts who want a delicious all natural wine that’s also low carb, low calorie and low sugar. It’s a wine that can fit their program and an active lifestyle …”

Ed Cashin

Founder Truth Training, East Hampton, NY

“Fresh Vine Wine has been a welcomed addition to my table! I love the drink-ability of this wine, it pairs well with an array of food offerings as well as I welcome this wine for any cocktail hour pairing.”

Coleen Janeway

Plantbased Chef/ Health & Fitness Writer Los Angeles, CA

“I was initially hesitant about trying a wine that sounded like it was leaving out all of the fun stuff, but once I tasted it I was thrilled with how delicious, pristine and refreshing it is.”

Travis Hopkins

On Air Personality Fargo, ND


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